What it's done for me...

30 days of sexy (1).jpg

Okay, so it's been 16 days so far and here is the list of things that were posted to help us mommas grab hold of our sexiness:

  1. Define what "sexy" means to you
  2. Dance...like no one is watching
  3. Wear red lipstick (or any sexy shade of your choice)
  4. Belly Massage
  5. Yoga
  6. Write a love letter to the body part that your not the biggest fan of
  7. Write a love letter to the body part that you absolutely love
  8. Go commando
  9. Breathing exercise
  10. Mindfulness-connect with your body
  11. Take a compliment
  12. Date yourself week: Buy yourself flowers
  13. Be selfish
  14. Sexting
  15. Buy yourself fancy chocolate

I've done each of these and I've gotta say that not only have I actually noticed a change in my confidence but (a little TMI)..also in my libido. I'm starting to realize that after having 3 kids I should be proud of my battle scars.  I have the body of a real woman and DAMN IT that's something to be proud of.  That's not to say that I don't have any hang ups, but it does let me appreciate my body today instead of wishing it was the body of yesterday. 

I'm lazy when it comes to losing weight. I love a maple bacon donut... or 3 and guess what?? I can still feel sexy and have that donut. 

I'm not relying on my husband to make me feel sexy, which is something I did in the past.  For being the self-proclaimed feminist that I am I can't believe that I never recognized I was actually doing that. Of course I'm not going to feel sexy if I wait for others to validate it for me.  That just sounds crazy now that I say..um..write it out. 

So, where are you in this discovery month?  Have you noticed a change? What do you do to make yourself feel sexy?  Share it sister! We are a tribe of women that need to support each other and it's okay to share the things we talk about in small groups with a larger group that could use your help. Be an empowered woman who empowers women.

Much love, all you sexy beasts.