Were they just being women?...

By Angie

First off...I want to clarify that the woman in the picture is my alter ego and I shall call her Badass Bellamy (my name is Angie so I thought Bellamy was a cooler name). 

So I've been thinking lately about what being a woman in this day and age really means.  Then started thinking about women throughout history and what being a woman in their times felt like to them.  THEN...while wandering around Barnes and Noble came across a magazine called Kindred Spirit.  Their website is really awesome for those of you who might be interested. I started flipping pages and there it was in all its glory, an article titled, "Wake the Witches"..  I love, love LOVE articles like this!

This article went on about how the word witch conjures up thoughts of warts and covens...and she's right.  Immediately, my mind went to Halloween and I love that stinkin' holiday.  She continued on with comparisons between witches and women. Believe it or not...there weren't that many differences.  Yes, witches work with spells and crystals and most women don't.  But here is the list of what she described a witch to be:

  • an unapologetic woman
  • alchemizes experiences and emotions
  • a woman with power, agency, and sovereignty...and has it on HER terms
  • she creates and manifests
  • she is self-sourced
  • she freely communes with Nature/ Spirit/ God/ Goddess/ choose-your-own semantics
  • being a witch is being in her own power
  • someone who trusts her inner authority, and does't look outside herself for validation and/ or approval 
  • it's being someone who uses her own personal magic to navigate and negotiate the environment she currently finds herself in

After looking through this list, I realized, HOLY SHIT! I"M A WITCH!  Hell.to.the.yes ladies! After my excitement came down a notch or two because I've always wanted to be a witch, the next thought was "wait a minute....how many women were burned at the stake or persecuted for just being women?" Valid thought right?  Have you ever thought about it? Of course I took to Google and found a list on mentalfloss.com of what constituted a witch/ woman in times when it would've cost you your life:

  • you are female
  • you are poor or cannot support yourself
  • you are rich/ financially independent (we just could not win back then)
  • you have one or more female friends
  • you have an argument with one or more of your female friends
  • you have an argument or disagreement with someone (again...not winning here)
  • you were very old
  • you are midwife
  • you are married with too many children
  • you have exhibited "stubborn', "strange" or "forward behavior"
  • you have a mole, birthmark or third nipple
  • butter or milk has spoiled in your fridge (even with modern conveniences, I'd be screwed)
  • you had sex out of wedlock
  • you have attempted to identify the identity of your future husband
  • you have broken any rule in the bible (which means you have made a pact with the devil)

Men were also persecuted as witches but, of course, the majority of them were women.  There's no way a woman could've been her own person back then without fear of death.  Can I get a "fuck that" for the folks punished for just being women?  Most of these characteristics were identified as "witch like behavior" by the elders at the time (which were mostly men!!!) Throughout history, women have always taken the brunt of male fear and ignorance AND oppressed and pushed to the side because we were thought to be the weaker sex.  WHHHAaaaaat! THE! WHAT?

Women are depended on day in and day out to perform a list of tasks while still performing all of the same tasks their male counterparts perform...while ALSO taking care of them.  Men are still paid more and are still given additional advantages in the workplace over women.  All this while living in times where it seems like the witch hunt is still very real.  Women - when will we wake up the witches within? When will we stop villainizing other women for embracing their inner witch? When will stop taking shit...from anyone?  We should be celebrating each other instead of claiming other women are bitches (witches) for speaking their minds and getting what they want...in other words, sending their witchy self on a mission and making shit happen.

I, for one, now feeling a little empowered by knowing I have some witchiness. I will be spreading the word to my coven (otherwise known as my girlfriend circle) of details that have come to light.

Go hug your fellow witch today.