Top 5 things to do on your due date...

due date pic.jpeg

Even though it happens, it's rare that women actually deliver on their due date.  These poor doctors try to give their best guess as to when your bundle of joy will arrive and we hope to every power listed that they are right.  Most of us hope it's sometime before then.  So, unless you're one of the lucky who delivers before this magical delivery date, we need to find a way to keep you from driving yourself crazy.  It's time to stop pacing and get to keeping yourself occupied. The best part is that while your mind is distracted,  your hormones will be activated so that labor can (hopefully) start on its own soon!

Here's our favorite things to do on your due date:

  1.  Invite friends over for a mani-pedi day/ night at your house.  But don't be the hostess with the mostest; instead, have one of your girl(or guy)friends coordinate who's bringing what. Catch up on all the latest gossip, get your toes painted, and even enjoy a glass of wine. Eating moderately, bonding with others, and light massage (or any pleasurable physical contact)  is calming and will help increase oxytocin and endorphins - two hormones that are necessary for labor to start.
  2. Put together a pregnancy memory book or box.  Invite friends and family, or this might  just be a great activity to do with your older kids. Remember all of the fun and sometimes embarrassing times you may have had making this little person.  This will also help everyone feel involved in this very special time in your life. So, while you are laughing at that picture of yourself devouring a rack of ribs, be ready for a boost in oxytocin, endorphins and the bond with your baby!
  3. Go to dinner with your honey bunch, no kids allowed, so that you can have one last adult night before baby arrives. Bonus points if you're eating spicy food or a desert with dark chocolate or pineapple. Spicy food and pineapple encourages your body to produce prostaglandin and dark chocolate encourages oxytocin production!
  4. Prepare a responsibility list of who will do what once baby arrives.  Be sure to include bedtime for older kids, dinner, school drop-off and pick-ups, etc.  All of these things should be laid out before hand so everyone knows what to expect.  Nothing worse than feeling like your carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders with no help.
  5. Have friends come over for board games.  This can happen any time of day and is so much fun! Expect lots of laughs (increasing endorphins). Try Pirate Fluxx - a fast paced card game where you may or may not have to talk like a pirate.

Remember, you won't be pregnant forever. Celebrate your due date! You've made it this far :)

If you have any additional ideas you'd like to share, do it! Share all of your ideas to help keep other moms be sane in this sometimes anxiety filled time.