30 Days of Sexy


Not yet anyway.  I'm more like the picture below ... These days I'm feeling a little less than sexy. I spend my days getting up at the crack of dawn making myself just presentable enough so that I don't scare small children on my way to school drop offs, get out of work in time to pick those same kids up from school, get home after fighting traffic so that I can help with homework, make dinner, do bath time, do bedtime, then close my day by cleaning the days mess and finishing whatever work I couldn't do at the office.  

pexels-photo-156085 (1).jpeg

Just reading that last paragraph, I'm already exhausted.  I've put off feeling sexy with sayings like, "When do I have the time", and "these kids suck the {sexy} life right out of me".  Complete bullshit!!!! I use them as excuses for not taking better care of myself.  Just because I had kids doesn't mean I can't feel sexy.  I know women who have more kids than I do and own their sexiness.  I love that about them.  I can be that woman too if I just stop making excuses and did something about it.  It's so easy to lose who we are as women by taking on the role of mothers.  We don't have to choose which one to be because guess what ladies...we can actually be both. You read that right.  WE! CAN! BE! BOTH!!! 

I feel like my soul is that of a gyspy - wild and free.  She likes dancing, singing, being in the mountains, deep lipstick, and, yes, having sex.  Do I do any of these?? No ... but that's all about to change.  I'm using the next 30 days to embrace the woman that was set aside while trying to raise descent human beings AND not telling my husband about it.  It's not about my sexy relationship with my husband.  It's about my sexy relationship with myself.  

Every day, for 30 days, I will be posting each day on  our Facebook page actions that I will be taking starting November 1st and post a new blog write up about how they went, which ones I enjoyed and the differences I noticed along the way. The list of actions will be posted for all to see and try. We will also be conducting interviews of women who have really become my sexy idols and, if they let me, an interview with the staff at Adam and Eve for updates on the latest solo sexy toys on the market and how best to use them.  I'd love you to join me and share what makes you feel sexy in your day to day and what it took for you to get there.  

I'm really excited and can't wait to hear your experiences with the list.