Fametta Darling, My Darling Doula


 When informed, supported and encouraged to follow their own instincts, (pregnant women) can be active givers of birth rather than passive receivers of birth technology. Childbirth, when experienced in this way, has the potential to be a transformative event; people who take responsibility for their births and give birth to their babies under their own power, emerge from the experience empowered, with a new sense of their own capabilities.My philosophy emphasizes personalized care for each person’s unique labor and delivery. It is my goal to help foster confidence in expecting parents and their ability to give birth. I am also a proud and constant ally of the LGBTQA - identifying members of the birthing community.



Staci Michele, The Statesville Doula 


You can feel confident knowing that I will be there for you from the moment we become a team. You will never be without support, when needed, and can count on me to be professional, respectful and knowledgeable when answering any questions you may have. You can also expect me to be a safe space for you to express any concerns or fears you may have. Have you had a traumatic experience with a previous birth? Are you worried you will lose your voice in the birthing room? Is your support person nervous about this birth? We will work out these thoughts in a safe and confidential manner.




Helen Herzig, Aussie Doula Birth Services


I moved to the wonderful state of North Carolina 10 years ago from sunny Florida. I was born in the Land Down Under, hence the name of my site! I am a doula in Charlotte, North Carolina and the surrounding areas. I am a mother of five children birthed at home and in hospital settings. I have had both medicated and natural births. My interest in all things birthing began with the arrival of my first child 18 years ago. I had been asked to attend several births for friends and family before deciding this is what I wanted to do when I "grew up". I look forward to helping you on your birth journey.




Sarah Cowherd, Sage Momma Doula


My doula practice is an alchemy of art, science and soul. I trust in the body's abundant natural wisdom and rely on evidence-based research to inform how I guide my clients. I was supporting parents-to-be through birth long before I had my own babies, tapping into my own deeply-rooted maternal instincts. Nurturing comes naturally to me, and doula work is my heart's calling. Now as a mother of four children, I know my own personal birth and parenting experiences have enriched my work as a doula. For over a dozen years I have served families of all kinds, offering non-judgmental support with a commitment to respecting and honoring the individual choices each family makes. As a doula, my role is to help my clients find confidence within themselves and learn to trust their bodies and their hearts. It is my desire to create a peaceful space where my clients can discover their voice and their strength.