Massage Technique

What sets us apart is that all of our therapists are certified and classroom trained in prenatal massage. You can rest easy knowing you and your baby are in the safest hands possible. 


(we’ll help you get knocked up.)

Pregnancy seems like the most natural thing in the world, but when you’re struggling with getting pregnant, nature can seem like a bitch.

You’re not broken. You’re not a failure. You’re simply struggling—and we’re here to support you.

Our fertility massage is used to open the muscles that surround the reproductive system, allowing circulation to flow to the uterus and its sidekicks to create a happy, nutrient rich uterus.  This session will also flush out any remnants from years of periods or previous pregnancies.  This allows women's eggs to get to the uterus without any obstacles and clear out the uterus for implantation.  


(we’ll help you relieve that pain in your ass.)

Yay! You’re now the proud owner of an inhabited uterus and a tiny human. But it’s not as easy as we make it sound. Sometimes, aches and pains can be unbearable and can lead to a difficult labor and delivery.

A marathon runner trains for months before running the race. This is your marathon and we’re going to help you prep.

We pioneered the industry of prenatal massage by combining  sports medicine, neuromuscular therapy and prenatal massage, creating a b+b exclusive massage treatment that you won’t find at any where else.  We at b+b will have you noticing the difference after our very first visit.

At week ten of pregnancy, women release a chemical called relaxin, which softens the joints so that they can withstand the accelerated growth of your uterus and any additional wight gain. This causes the muscles around those joints to tighten to make sure the body is stable when moving. This is what causes most pain women experience during pregnancy.

During the prenatal massage, we work to release, relax and lengthen muscles which can attribute to restricting circulation and range of motion. We get into the muscle tissue, creating space for the body to move without the added discomfort that can come along with it. It's our way of beating the prenatal system when it comes to physical comfort.  

This treatment rids the pregnant body of edema, sciatica, headaches, back, hip and shoulder pain.

Labor Induction

(we’ll help deliver the eviction notice.)

In the first trimester, you simply cannot believe you are pregnant-what a miracle! But by the end of your third trimester, you’re over the miracle and ready to move things along. The glow everyone keeps talking about is just sweat from getting your ass up and down to pee every ten minutes. The lack of sleep, the baby hanging low into your crotch and the lower back aches are enough to drive any man insane-which is why men don’t have babies.

Our labor induction massage is a great kick start to get the body moving in the right direction. We’re the only massage clinic that offers this massage because we created it.  The body knows what it's supposed to do but will sometimes need help recognizing when it's supposed to start. 

This session releases oxytocin which is the chemical the body needs to start dilating and effacing.  It's not meant to break someone's water but it will trigger the body to start the natural process. Then we send women home with additional tips and tricks on how to keep oxytocin flowing for natural progression into labor and delivery.


(we’ll help you feel like a human again.)

Congrats on the delivery of your tiny human! But boo to your sore vagina. And sore ass. And sore back.

As women, we tend to put ourselves last in the list of priorities. This tiny human is suddenly running the show, and we tend to forget (or ignore) our own needs. Hey, we get it!

This is why postpartum massage is so critical.  It may be more difficult to attend due to many surrounding issues but not having a sitter should ever be one of them.  Women are always welcome to bring their newborns with them in session so they can still take care of themselves without the worry of finding a sitter or missing out on bonding time. The massage helps to balance hormone levels, gives moms some down time for herself to regain her sanity, and it works the tissues in the body that tend to tighten up quickly due to feedings and sleeping in odd positions.