Women's ever evolving lives keeps us searching for a way to maintain tension free necks, shoulders, back and hips.  A massage membership allows you the opportunity to move about your days feeling better than the last.  The benefits of having massages on a regular basis range from being headache free to pain free and everything in between.  Say good bye to sciatica, low back pain, hip pain and tired legs.  You can choose from a 6 month or 9 month membership which can be used for any session type available. Sign up for your membership today and be the next to enjoy your days the way you want. You deserve it.


        60 Minute Membership - $75     /    90 Minute Membership - $110  


9 Month Membership

*Includes  ALL 6 month membership benefits plus the following*

Free monthly essential oil add-on

Free monthly yoga class

Free 30 minute birthday massage add-on

15% off select product purchases



6 Month Membership

One monthly massage added to online account 

Add'l monthly sessions at member prices

Share sessions with friends/ family

Split session times

Use FSA / HSA to pay for membership

Discount on select workshops