Massage Pricing

60 Minute Massages

$255 - 3 pack / $95 Single $75 Members

Fertility Massage

This session is used to clear out the reproductive system while increasing circulation to the reproductive organs. Sometimes our bodies need a little help releasing tissue that has adhered itself to the surrounding tissues, or depending on your medical history, you may have debris in your fallopian tubes which needs flushing out in order to perform as intended. If you're ready to conceive, we're here to help create a happy home conception.




Natural Labor Induction

Even though our bodies instinctively know what to do in labor and delivery, sometimes it just needs a little nudge.  This session is that nudge.  During this session you will receive a hybrid session combining prenatal massage with acupressure points throughout the body for the maximum release of oxytocin.  This will give your body the kick start it may be looking for to kick things into high gear.  This session can only be administered at 37+ weeks. 


90 Minute Massages

$375 - 3 pack $140 Single $110 Members

prenatal Massage

It's no secret that women's bodies do what they need to while pregnant and could care less what that means to women physically.  Bellies and Babies specializes at beating the system by focusing on creating space in the body so that you...and your body...can go on with your normal day to day without getting in each others way. Each session caters to what is currently happening to you physically while working with the pressure of your choosing (relaxation to deep/ corrective).



Postpartum/ mommy maintenance

Let's face it..there's no great position to feed your bundle of joy that will keep your body from getting angry with you.  Postpartum is great for sharing achiness, headaches, and muscle spasms throughout the body.  If this sounds all too familiar, you are exactly who needs this session.  Once on the massage table, your postpartum massage therapist will ensure you leave able to move all body parts as they were originally intended without pain or tension.  This happens by lengthening out the shortened muscle tissue and creating space for your body to gain back its range of motion so you can keep carrying the new love of your life comfortably.