When women come together, amazing things begin to happen.  Join a sisterhood of women who have your back and leave you feeling empowered every time. What do you need today from your tribe?  


moon circles

Disconnect from your modern life and reconnect with the wild woman inside on the new moon. Connect, bond, share, and set intentions that will leave your wild spirit feeling nurtured and fed.  Start harnessing your inner fire and live your life to the fullest with the support of women just like you.



Do you wish that someone would just fill you in on the details no one seems to be talking about?  You're in luck because we specialize in just that.  We cover the everyday, the awkward, the informational and the fun.  Have questions about sex in fertility, pregnancy or postpartum? There's a workshop for that.  Need to know how to really prepare for postpartum? We have a workshop for that too.  Come join your community of women in figuring it all out together.

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Every now and then women just need time to get away and bond with other women over food, drinks and music.  Come with us to various spots around Charlotte and its surrounding areas to spend time with women who have more in common than you may think.